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 Coach Rasim Kara, who participated in the Guest of the Week program broadcast on D Smart, answered the questions of sports writer Faik Gürses. Kara explained how they established the Goalkeeper Entrepreneurship School in Turkey, “I have never worked with a goalkeeper trainer and I wanted to make up for this deficiency. We opened a goalkeeper trainer course. We wrote a 350 page book. We called the former goalkeepers and at that time only 3-4 goalkeepers such as Yaşar, Zafer and Hayrettin were called to the national team. Now it's the other way around. We graduated nearly a thousand graduates. Names such as Şükrü Ersoy, Yavuz Şimşek, Eser Özaltındere, Alper Boguslu appeared. UEFA said, "If the goalkeeper coaches do not get a license, they will not be able to go out on the field and warm the goalkeeper". We need to get this in 1-2 years or the goalkeeper trainers of our teams will not be able to go to the field. A goalkeeper coach is very important. Because the goalkeeper d